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Slot Rules - How To increase your Odds of winning playing at Slot Machines

Slot machines have their first ancestor displayed at Nevada; this was then called ‘Liberty Bell’, thanks to Charles Fey. This then gathered much attention when Bugsy Seigle placed in his casino to ‘amuse’ wives and girlfriends while the mean are playing poker or baccarat or roulette. Today, online slot machines are for everyone, online casinos even give out bonus slots to any palyer, men or women.

Slot machines have pretty simple rules but then, there are small details that each player should realize.

1. Check the machines (land based casinos) or system (for online casinos) what the denomination of the game is. This should help in calculating how much you are willing to spend. The rule of thumb is (at least for first time players) start with smaller denominations; this would give you a feel of whether lady luck is in your favor.

2. Assess whether you are in for a long time or not. The basic rule is to stay as long as possible to one machine. This increases the chances of winning. This would also give you enough time to estimate how long a certain amount can last. Say, if you are on a 25 cents machine (or system), how long you can play with 2 $. This estimate for the next time you play also.

3. Set the limit ahead of time. Bankroll is the money you are willing to spend. Make sure that you have a limit, and never push it back. If you come in and have a 5 $ limit, win or lose (hopefully win), you do not spend more than 5 $.

4. If you opt for a progressive slot machine, use smaller coins. This would help reduce the amount of spending while betting in full. Remember that in a progressive slot, the maximum amount should be achieved to get the highest payout.

5. If you are on a straight slot machine, make sure that you know the pay table very well. Make it your friend.

6. Have a positive outlook. Keep in mind that the positivity extends to anything we do and that even includes playing online slots. A positive mind also calls on lady luck and having lady luck near is a key to any game of chance.

7. Lucky 7. Do not rule out a machine that has just been cashed out by others (or by lucky you). Since slots have Random Number Generators, you would never know when you are likely to hit the jackpot (again).

Machines could be very entertaining but remember always two important words: responsible gaming.