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Roulette Strategy

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Roulette tips worked magic for Chris. He is one guy who hates to lose, so he did all he could to find the best roulette tips before playing roulette online. In his mind, if he was not equipped properly, there was no way he could play roulette online, and make big bucks. And Chris wanted to be considered a serious roulette player by winning hundred of $$$.


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When Chris finally signed on at an online roulette site, he got a little crazy and forgot about the roulette tips he studied and practiced on. He started to play wild. Before he knew it, he had lost almost  $1200! Stunned, he was at a crossroads, would he stop playing roulette, or should he find a solution to his playing.


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Suddenly gripped with panic, he started to blindly surf the internet for inspiring stories of roulette players who managed to beat the odds. He came upon this strange little ad about a secret roulette method. Curious, he decided to try it. Within the hour, he made $2000! Not only did he get his $1200 back, he made an additional $800!

Victorious, Chris decided to make his own set of roulette tips based on his experience playing roulette online.


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Don’t go in cold. You have to know the game and understand how to bet. Play with demo games before playing roulette with real money


2.         A very good roulette tip that Chris now stands by is to never play with money you do not have. When he lost the $1200, almost $1000 was money for a credit card bill that he was suppose to pay off the next day. He came out a winner in the end, but it was a very difficult and stressful moment when he realized he lost so much money.


3.         Don’t let your friends influence your game. Many people have their own set of roulette tips. If you listen to them when you are playing roulette, you will get too confused and lose track of your game. Listen to the roulette tips after your game. You just might learn a new thing or two.


4.         Look for that secret roulette method. Nothing else works. Once you find it, stick with it. It may not work 100% of the time, but it will work most of the time.


5.         When you are playing roulette online, don’t change roulette methods midstream. That would be like changing a strategy in the middle of the game because you lost one bet. Don’t forget that roulette is still a game of luck, and the secret method will not make you win 100%.


6.         The last roulette tip that Chris is really firm about is to have a life outside of roulette. You cannot allow it to rule your life. You may be winning loads of $$$, but if you don’t go out and enjoy what you are earning, then it seems like a waste of time.



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Chris’s roulette tips worked miracles for him. He played roulette well, and he learned to have fun in other avenues like bowling and chess. It was a great way to start the year for him, and fortunately for us, we can learn and make a lot of $$$ just learning from his 6 roulette tips.