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Win at Online Roulette - How To Get The Edge On Roulette ?

Roulette is a very popular casino game, nowadays many people play it both in land-based and in online casinos. Although roulette is a luck based game, a little money strategy will do you no harm. Roulette belongs to the group of luck based games means that luck plays the biggest part in the game, but a little money strategy is required to win. This means that you can be a winner even if you are a beginner, but you can improve your chances if you are using some kind of money strategy. In this article I will explain a few strategies which work for online roulette, and I will note some of the mistakes roulette players make. So let us get started with the strategies!


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Before we discuss anything on roulette strategies, you should know a very important thing about roulette types: there are two types of roulette European and American type. Whenever you have the chance, you should play European roulette, because in this type the house advantage is a lot less than in American roulette. The explanation is very simple: the American roulette has a double zero on the wheel besides the single zero, while European roulette has only a single zero. This small difference considerably lowers the house advantage, and it gives you an extra chance. So make this the first step in choosing a roulette strategy: always choose European roulette. This will be particularly easy when you are playing online roulette, so do not even think about it, choose the European type!



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Now let us talk about the first mistake roulette players make: they spread their chips all over the table. This might look like a good strategy because you have many chances to win, but in the long run it is a very poor strategy. Let us think it through a little! If you spread many chips on the table you really have more chance to win, but the amounts you had bet are small, so your winnings will be equally small. In the long run, this roulette money strategy is not effective at all, because you spend a lot of money in making small bets and you win small amounts of money. If you do a calculation at the end, you will see that you have barely won anything, if you had won at all! All this brings us to a pretty good roulette money strategy: you should choose only a few numbers from the table, and place your chips on them. Be prepared that you will lose most of the time, but when you win, the winnings will be worth it. So, remember: do not cover the entire table with your chips, choose only a few numbers and bet consistently on them!


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Let us take another wrong roulette money strategy: people often note down the numbers which had come up in previous games. Online casinos usually give you a list of these numbers. Do not pay attention to them! The basic theory would work, but you miss some things from the equation. The basic theory is that numbers have an equal chance to drop out, and in the long run they will average out. But we can not calculate this long run! So it might happen that black 6 will come out three times in a row, but red six will not come out as long as you play. As you can see, you should not think about the numbers which had come up, and do not make assumptions regarding future numbers. You should only think about the present and play accordingly.

The best roulette money strategy when you play online roulette is to manage your bankroll accordingly. Before you start playing, you should decide on an amount you are ready to lose. You should stop playing when one of the two events will occur: when you have lost all your roulette money, or when you had won the half of your bankroll. Another good thing to remember is not to bet big amounts of roulette money at once, you should bet at most the 10 % of your bankroll at once. If you bet more, you will have less chance to win it back, and you will stay in the game for a shorter period of time. Do not be scared, this latter event is more likely to happen, so you have better chances in winning half of your bankroll than losing it all. Remember, set a realistic bankroll, and if you lose it all, you should stop playing, this way you will not have financial problems in the future.


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Now let us make money with roulette! There are three columns on the roulette table: 1-34, 2-35, 3-36. When you start playing, you should put a chip on red, and then place two chips in the first two columns (1-34 and 2-35). You should not place any chips in the third column! Notice that in the third column there are only four black and eight red numbers, so even when the ball will get there, it has more chances to land on red than on black, thus you have bigger chances to win since you put your chips on red. This way you have covered all the columns, and you are helping your luck with this roulette money strategy. Although this roulette money strategy looks very simple, it is functional. You should try it! Combine this roulette money strategy with the other tips given above, and you will surely be a winner whenever you play online roulette!

Now you know the basic things about how to bet at the roulette table.


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Remember all those things you should not do, and listen to your instinct when you want to bet on a number. It does not matter that it had come out two times in a row; it might come out for the third time too. If you manage your bankroll correctly and play according to this simple roulette money strategy, you will be a winner at online roulette, but feel free to try this roulette money strategy out even when you are playing roulette in a land-based casino. After all this has been said, you should remember only one more thing: roulette is basically a luck-based game, so besides all this roulette money strategy and tips, you need a little luck in order to win money at roulette. But there is another thing you should do if you want to win: start playing! Good luck!