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If you plan to play roulette online and you are thinking to go to any online gambling site, it would infinitely be a better idea to starting with the best roulette casino. At you not only receive the full VIP treatment from the very start, it keeps getting better as you play in the biggest roulette casino online.


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This website, owned by Gaming VC Corp BV, uses Boss Media software and has a license from Malta. For the past 5 years, it have been voted as the “Casino of the Year” by readers of international casino magazines.


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From the minute you sign on in this upbeat and exciting roulette casino, you get a fantastic start up bonus of 100% of your deposit up to a maximum of €650! Now that’s just for starters. As you continue playing, you will be surprised at how the entire website is run professionally.

There are many casino websites in the internet, however, the problem is credibility. This is why Casino Club has been growing in numbers. It has the right attitude, the right business sense, and the right customer relations for its players. At present, there are always at least 200 players in the roulette casino website at any given time! Now, there is no better testimony than having your players come back to  keep playing on your roulette casino site.


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Casino Club has always been regarded as a fair play roulette casino. This means that they follow the fair practice rules, and do it with real transparency. In fact, their last audit is a public document, and you can check it out when you visit their site.

If you are new to online casino, Casino Club will even treat you to a few games for free - no charge! There are many different games you can select from which are games you would normally find in a land based casino.

You never have to be afraid of nor getting the money you won because they have a very good remittance procedure, complete with security passwords and correct protocol.


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If you try your luck in their roulette table, you will be happy to know that they have rather high table limits for a roulette casino. This means you can bet up to 5000€ if you want, making the roulette games at Casino Club ideal for progressive games.

It used to be for a regular gent to be able to play at the high stakes roulette tables, they had to be invited. It isn’t the case anymore with the onset of online gambling. Now, anyone can be a part of a high stakes roulette casino table. There are no more discrimination as to who can join the game.




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Just being in the roulette casino website will reflect lush interior and quiet elegance. There is none of the Vegas-type of rush-rush-rush. At the Casino Club, it is like being inside an exclusive club that puts you as their number one guest. It’s no wonder people keep coming back to this roulette casino site.

 If you are interested in playing a game or two at the online roulette tables, visit Casino Club first. It will save you a lot of precious time because this is one of the few roulette casinos that are on the up and up.