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Have You Ever Asked Yourself If It's Possible To Always Win Roulette?

Just like you, I have been dreaming about a safe roulette strategy to always win roulette until just a few years ago. Back then, I was 32 and worked as a truck varnisher in a suburb of London, making about 1500£/month on average... It was enough to support me and my little family, but not much else. Back in those days I was gambling in casinos every now an then. In the beginning it was just for fun, the though never crossed my mind to see it as a system to make money - not with roulette, and certainly not on a long term basis. But Boy was I wrong ... One day, I came across a quite amazing roulette strategy, which was secretly favored by just a few experts, but pretty much unknown to the general public. And after I tried the roulette system for the first time, I was just plain shocked about the results…

How I Finally Made Over 500£ A Day In Just A Few Hours

When I first started to play in online casinos, I quickly became a "Bonus Hunter". Bonus Hunting was an easy step-by-step process: I registered in any online casino -> Deposited 500£ -> Got a 500£ bonus -> Played the wager requirements -> 98% of the time, I left the casino with big earnings. The sheer amount of money I made was simply amazing. Step by step I figured out how to turn a 500£ deposit into more than 750£ with ease, and to top it off, the whole process rarely took more than 30 minutes. 250£ pure profit in less than a few hours - this was awesome! Of course I wasn't the only one who benefited from this new source of income - my whole family quickly learned to value our new and improved lifestyle. Everything looked good, and as I never took any unneccessary risks, the mere possibility of loosing all the hard earned money back to the casino was practically non-existant to me. My tactic was indead very sophisticated: I always calculated my expected profit first and then I systematically "attacked" the casino. I had it all figured out, so to speak, and this worked perfectly well for me up until...


roulette gambling systems
(Me and my wife)



If You Want To Know My Secret:
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roulette winning strategy

Only Two Years Later Bonus Hunting Was Dead. So What Did I Do ?
Bonus hunting became a thing of the past. Around the year 2003, online casinos popped up like mushrooms on the internet and every online casino wanted to give out the biggest bonus to attract new players. Two years later, however, the wager requirements changed dramatically. The new requirements where extremly hard to meet, so hard that in the end, in fact "bonus hunting" became a "zero-sum game" for everyone, which left me and my fellow bonus hunters basically "jobless", effective immediatly. In the following year my income from the casinos dropped to zero and I had to work hard in my regular job to pay all the bills for my family. Worst of all, I already had sent my daughter Ann to a more expensive private school, and with just my day-job to support all of us, I knew I had zero chance of being able to come up with her tuition fees in time for the next semester. So what did I do...?

We needed a solution, and it had to come right away!
With my back against the wall, I was 100% determined
to find a solution for my financial problems - and finally, only 9 months later, it came to me: Out of pure luck, I discovered a roulette strategy working so well that it not only easily replaced the gap of income I was missing after dropping the bonus-hunting, but making me way more than I ever thought possible! At first I hardly believed in my casino statistics, but when the casino directly deposited the first payout into my bank account, I had only one thought in mind: I did it! I made a killer! I really hit the jackpot! After that, in less than 12 months, I could easily afford to give up my day job. Actually, I could have done it way earlier than that, but I wanted to save a decent amount of money to make sure that this time, my whole family had more than enough cash for a looong time. The final day of celebration came when I was 35 and had met all my financial goals. With my recently gained financial freedom, I was able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams: We, my wife, our daughter and me, packed all our belongings and moved to Ibiza, now living the dream in a wonderful mediterranean beach house!      


At the end I really felt relieved, there was this awesome feeling of freedom and ease when finally all the everyday hurdles and hassles just vanished. I was now free to have and do all the things I always wanted, without ever having to worry about paying the bills again. A couple of months ago my friend Mike (the one with somewhat longer hair in the picture above) asked me to explain my big roulette secret to him. I agreed to write everything down, and the batch of notes I wrote for him later turned into a written manual which is now finally, for the first time, openly accessible exclusively on this website. If that what you have read before sounded at all appealing to you, read on and find out exactly how I have beat the casinos and cashed out 1000s of $$$ by using a secret roulette strategy - which allowed me to leave behind my boring work life forever! After you will have finished reading this website, you will know how to always win roulette and be able to cash out all the money you want to your own bank account...  


The Powerful Roulette Strategy - Intro Video:

How To Turn A Simple Game Into Your Own $$$ Cash Cow

At first I could hardly believe it myself, but after taking every possible glitch in the system into account, I realized that it was true: By means of a sophisticated roulette strategy it was possible to make thousands of $$$ quickly and easily.  

Maybe the concept of winning thousands of $$$ with roulette strategies may sound somewhat strange to you, but trust me, the system will become a lot easier to grasp if you spend a couple of minutes reading and digesting all the information you're about to get. As soon as you will have fully understood my roulette strategy, you will immediatly be able to go and start to make over 500£ a day easily in online casinos, often in less than 30 minutes. And the best thing about this powerful strategy is: You can now make money whenever and as often as you wish!


Let's Start With A Few Preparations

To successful apply my secret roulette strategy the first thing that you need to do is: Download and install the casino software for free so that you can play at the casinos. Simply click at one of the download-links below. I guarantee that any casino software you can download on this website is absolutely secure and will not cause any harm to your computer. EU-Players...

Update: Just use these 2 casinos to make about 250 EUR/day with my roulette system easily. The first choise is Casino Club Casino. Download this casino HERE <- Click the link to start the download !

Click Here To Download The Casino Club Casino Software
(EU + UK-Players)

free download roulette

If the link doesn't work, simply copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Important: The Casino Software only works with Microsoft Windows. So if you are using Apple MAC please go to the flash version and sign up directly online. To play with the flash version please click here



Important: To successfully apply my roulette strategy, please only play at CasinoClub (or Blu, respectively), as only the TABLE LIMITS in those particular online casinos are high enough that your winnings are guaranteed 99,999% . At CasinoClub Roulette, the table limit is 5000£, which means that it is guaranteed that, by applying my roulette strategy, you will not exceed the table limits. I don’t know any other online casino with such high table limits like CasinoClub, but if you are interested in playing at other online casinos, please send me an e-mail to, and I will give you a list of casinos where you can successfully apply my roulette strategy. If you already gamble in some other online casino, please make sure that the table limit is at least 5000£. If this is not the case, please do not use my roulette strategy in this casino, in fact, don't even try it! If you are not sure, simply send me an E-Mail and let me figure it out for you. At CasinoClub, make sure that you select a private table. DO NOT select one of the multiplayer tables with a table limit of only 1000£!

And now let’s get right into my secret roulette strategy:



My Roulette Strategy in FULL Detail

You should thoroughly study and completely adopt the following procedure. The more accurately you follow this roulette strategy, the more guarantees you have to get the big winnings in the evening:

  • Step 1: You simply bet a small amount of 1£ on red or black. Let's assume that you have choosen to bet on red. The wheel spins and red wins. Congratulations! You have won and doubled your initial bet of 1£.


  • But what if you lost and black has won? When you have lost your money, simply try the following strategy and double your next bet on red. So you place a 2£ bet on red. Right now, only 2 possible outcomes can occure:

    1. Red wins: Congrats, Your winnings now amount to . 4£ is double your stake of 2£. In the 1st spin you have bet 1£, in the 2nd spin 2£. When you add these amounts, you come to a total cost of 1£+2£=3£ on red. But as you win on the 2nd spin, you have made a net profit of 4£-3£=1£ (win-cost=revenue).

      What can we learn from the example above? The lost bet from the 1st spin did not harm you at all. You reacted in the right way and doubled your bet amount in the 2nd spin. You see: My roulette system protects you from facing any negative results. Consequently you always win your bet amount of 1£, even if you have lost your last spin.

    2. Black wins: You have lost two times in a row. If you follow my roulette strategy, which I described above, you double your bet amount again and bet 4£ on red.

      If it is now red that wins the spin, you'll win , twice the amount of your bet of 4£. In order to win this 8£ you invested: 1£(1. Spin) + 2£(2. Spin) + 4£(3. Spin), which adds up to the total cost of 1£+2£+4£=7£. Your profit is again 8£-7£=1£, which is the same profit as above. You see, when you apply this awesome roulette winning strategy, you always win an amount equals to your first bet (here 1£) no matter how many spins you have lost before. So if you have lost in the 3rd spin again, you double your stake again to 8£, etc... No matter what happens, you always get the same result: You win an amount equals to the size of your first bet (here: 1£). Rule:


Your Profit Is Always Your First Bet Amount

No Matter How Often You Have Lost Before




But What If Only Red Or Only Black Shows Up Every Spin In A Row?

And what if you lose each spin? This question has come to the minds of thousands of people before you. See, the answer is more obvious than you might have thought (CAUTION: This will look a little math-heavy for everyone not used to statistics, but don't worry, it's easy to understand, once you've read through the full explanation)...

  • Let’s assume that the probability of the dice hitting the red field is P(red)=0.5 (=50%). The probability of the opposite outcome, that is, the probability that the dice hits the black field is P(black)=1-P(red)= 1-0.5=0.5. It follows from the above that P(red)=P(black)=0.5. Mathematically speaking, probabilities are correlated multiplicatively: The probability of the dice hitting the same color TWICE in a row is P(red) x P(red) = P(black) x P(black)= 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25. We get a simple formula:     

P(n times the same color one after another)= 0.5 raised to the power of n


  • Now the important part: The probability P(n times the same colour one after another) tends to ZERO for increasing values of n. We find proof in the example above: P(1) is always greater than P(2), P(2) is always greater than P(3), etc..., or in numbers: "P(1)>P(2)>P(3)  <=>  0.5>0.25>0.125" and so on. The correlated probabilities decline with a „growing n“ or with ”a higher number of spins”. Mathematically speaking, this means that:

lim[P(n times the same color one after another)] with n tending to infinity = 0

In plain English: The more spins in a row end with the ball hitting the same colour, the closer the probability of the next spin also resulting in the ball hitting the same color gets to zero.

Or in other words: The probability of a complete failure of my roulette strategy tends to zero with an increasing number of spins n.  



Too Much Mathematics? Just Try It Yourself...

If you do not like mathematics very much, you can run the following experiment yourself to understand why my roulette strategy is working:

  • Take a dice and throw it. Try to get the same number in a row, e.g. to throw a "SIX" 5 times after each other. You see: This is quite difficult, almost impossible!

  • Mathematically speaking, also in this case the probabilities are correlated multiplicatively, e.g. if the probability of getting a 6 is 1/6, then the probability of getting a "SIX" 2 times in a row is 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36, this is only about 2.7%. The probability of throwing a "SIX" three times in a row is 1/216 which is only 0.46% and this is already a very small probability


Mathematically the concept I am trying to explain to you here is called "The law of great numbers". This mathematical law says that the probability of getting the same colour (e.g. always black in a row) in several consecutive spins quickly gets smaller and smaller, and within a finite number of spins it gets close to zero. Therefore this mathematical law implies that the probability of a total failure of my roulette strategy tends to zero with an increasing number "n" of spins.

Result: You can NEVER LOSE all the money you have deposited into your casino account.


Sounds Too Complicated? Look At The Following Results

Let's think about the worst case scenario: You have lost several spins in a row. I will not talk about the case that you have won your spins. What you will do with all the money that you win by applying my roulette strategy is completely up to you. Therefore let's look here at the very unlikely case that you keep loosing your bets in a row.


1) You bet on black! Ball falls into   red pocket.

2) You bet on black! Ball falls into   red pocket.

3) You bet on black! Ball falls into   red pocket.

4) You bet on black! Ball falls into black pocket.

You win at roulette 16£.

You invested 1£+2£+4£+8£=15£ and made a profit of 16£-15£ =1£ ! Please keep in mind that the probability of this case (i.e., winning this late for the first time) is already quite low.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, In a few minutes, I will give you a fantastic possibility to try this great roulette strategy on your own - so keep reading...



roulette winning strategy
(Mike At The Roulette Table)



Your Profit Is Always Your First Bet Amount

No Matter How Often You Have Lost Before



Why Starting out with 1£ is a good Idea:

I advise you to start with a small bet amount of 1£. Why? Well, firstly this is the minimum bet in most online casinos, secondly a small bet amount also helps unexperienced players in keeping their heads cool while applying my roulette strategy. This bet amount is the best starting bet to make the most profit from my roulette system! Please follow this advice and don’t be too presumptuous! You play for real money, and neither you nor I want you to lose your hard earned money - not now, and not in the future.

Below I will give you a short summary of my roulette strategy:




  • Place an initial bet (I recommend 1£) and bet on one colour (Red or Black, I choose here Red)


  • Continue to bet on the same colour (here Red) and double your stake every time, until finally the colour which you have chosen wins!


  • As soon as you win a bet (for example: you bet on Red and Red wins), you have to bet your initial bet amount (here 1£) on the OTHER colour.




And What About The Zero ?

If the dice hits the "Zero", this means that you have lost the last spin, but this is not a bad thing, as you can easily get back this lost amount of 1£: In case of hitting a "Zero" simply treat this event just the same as if the ball would have hit the opposite colour. Therefore, if you have bet on red, for our roulette strategy, this means that the "Zero" is the same result as "black". In this case you simply double your bet amount as described above in order to get back your lost bet. To do so, you keep betting on the same colour that you have bet on before, which means on red in our example. If you have bet on black, it's just the other way around: If you get a "Zero", you keep doubling your previous bet amount and keep betting on black. In the rare case that the “Zero” is hit twice in a row, the procedure still stays the same.      

So much for the summary. In a couple of minutes, you will see my roulette strategy in action and you will understand how I always win roulette in the longterm and make big $$$!

Let's Get Started Immediatly


At first, a quick question: Have you fully understood my roulette strategy of converting any negative losses into a positive profit? Otherwise, just reread the paragraphs above a couple of times. Are you certain that you got it? Great! When you feel ready, you can now apply my strategy on your own. Just remember that you HAVE TO follow my roulette strategy exactly, as any small deviation from the process could possibly result in a loss! That's why I asked you to make sure that you have fully understood all the betting procedures I described above before placing your first bets.

To really get started, if you haven't done so already, you have to download the casino software. I can guarantee that the casino software that's available for download on this website is tested 100% virus-free, absolutely safe and will not cause any damage to your PC. I strongly advise you to play roulette only at the casinos below, mainly because I - like I already described above - examined quite a large number of online casinos and finally came to the conclusion that CasinoClub is the 1st choice to apply my roulette strategy most effectively and absolutely risk-free.

Click Here To Download The Casino Club Casino Software

win casino

If this link doesn't work, simply copy and paste the following link into your browser:

Important: The Casino Software only works with Microsoft Windows. So if you are using Apple MAC please visit the flash version and sign up directly online. To play with the flash version please click here


Important: As I already mentioned above, during the last few years I played at different online casinos, and came to the conclusion that at the moment, to really make money with roulette my roulette strategy really works best (by far) at CasinoClub. Why? The answer is simple: Most online casinos set their roulette table limit to only about 200-300£, mainly to keep players from WINNING a few thousands of $$$ in the blink of an eye by using strategies like the one I described above and then leaving the casino for good right after, never to return or play again. Many casinos just want to make the highest profits they legally can achieve, and as such they simply try to exclude these highly intelligent system players at all costs by enforcing very low table limits.

Simple rule: Avoid these casinos! They are solely after players who gamble a bit and then quit as soon as they loose there first big bet - which tends to happen rather quickly, since those players rarely ever heard about "roulette strategies" at all before. On the other hand, CasinoClub acts in a totally different, much more fair way: Their table limit for a single player private Roulette Table is huge: You can bet up to 5000£! Therefore, thanks to the "law of great numbers" (see above), you can apply my roulette strategy at CasinoClub absolutely risk-free. If you need to consider other casinos for some reason, simply write me an E-Mail and I will mail back with a list of other online casinos where you can safely and successfully apply my roulette strategy. I encourage you to first try my roulette strategy at CasinoClub, though, as the insanely high table limits make them the best place to apply this powerful roulette strategy by far.              



How To Start Making 500£ or more in 30 Minutes, Step-by-Step:


 Step 1

Download the casino software for free by clicking on the banner to the right. Both online casinos I recommend here have a "play for fun" mode which allows you to practice my roulette system as long as you want without putting real money on the line just yet. In the following steps, I will explain to you all necessary steps for the CasinoClub Software serving as suitable example for most, if not all other casino softwares that you might encounter. The installation and handling of other online casinos (like the one I suggest for US players) is almost identically and, as I hope, self-explaining...

winning roulette system

play roulette for free


Step 2

Install the CasinoClub Software - which in most cases is done in a couple of seconds. It's also the first step to make the big $$$ using my roulette strategy.

<- NEW: 250£ Welcome Bonus at Casino Club Casino + 50£ Bonus EVERY MONTH! I recommend to exploit this chance until they cancel this offer (which almost certainly will happen very shortly, really good bonus offers like this usually don't last very long these days).

Step 3

After you have properly installed the online casino software, start it and just create a free player account. After agreeing to the license agreements, simply choose any nickname/password combination you wish. Then type in your date of birth and your address data (those are necessary to prevent underage gambling). Please write down your chosen nickname/password combination and store it in a safe location. After you have finished the sign up process, simply click on "Login".

In order to start making real money, you need some seed capital, which you will easily double and multiply with the help of my roulette strategy! As you followed through with reading this tutorial all the way up to this point, I'm confident that you are ready to act now and that a small investment like this is no problem for you. Keep in mind that you are able to get back any deposited money at any time. In this regard, your casino bank account works almost identically to an ordinary bank account, with the one obvious difference that you don’t get interests for the money in your account from the casinos. But as you instead gain the opportunity to multiply your first deposit into a tremendous pile of money in no time, I think that's an acceptable difference nonetheless...  

I mentioned it before, but just to be clear, I recommend you to always make a first deposit of about 100-150£ when starting at the new casino You will definitely need this minimum amount of seed capital to avoid problems when doubling up, which is necessary to successfully apply my roulette strategy. Moreover, when you make your first deposit, you will receive your free 100% signup bonus (up to 250£). If you were to make a first deposit of 250£, you would get a 250£ bonus for free, obviously, but only for the first payment (i.e. if you make a first deposit of only 150£, you don’t get the full bonus of 250£, but only the additional 150£ (100%) of the amount you've already deposited, resulting in exactly 300£ in your casino bank account). But of course this decission is up to you... After the casino software has approved your player account, you will see 2 options at the top menu on the screen: "REAL PLAY MODE" and "PRACTICAL PLAY MODE".

If you have already fully understood my roulette strategy, you can start now and immediatly proceed to PLAY WITH REAL MONEY. However, if you just want to get some practice with the roulette software first, choose "PRACTICAL PLAY MODE" instead to learn your way around the software and all the available options on the playing field. When you are ready, click the tab "European Roulette" in the menu "ROULETTE GAMES" -> "EUROPEAN ROULETTE". Next, click on "JOIN". If you want the games to run faster, I recommend you to activate the "Turbo Mode" in the options menu. Now start to play and, applying my roulette strategy, place your first 1£ bets on red or black. If you have placed a bet by mistake, just click the right mouse button to take back this last (mistaken) bet. If you apply my roulette strategy in the way I outlined in the tutorial above, you will soon realize that you are going to make lots of money in a very short time. On the right you can see a roulette table, which I started with a capital of 2000£. I played exactly 23 minutes applying my roulette strategy and if you take a close look at the picture you can see how much money I made !


Online Roulette Gambling
(Choose Name and Password)


Online Gambling
(Enter Your Data)



shocking roulette
(Choose A Private Table)



Roulette Casino
(1263£ Pure Profit in 30 Minutes)



Online Gambling
(Safe Payment Processor WebDollar)


win blackjack
(Mikes Girlfriend Likes Winning Too)

Step 4

If up until now you were practicing with the "PRACTICAL PLAY MODE" , it's now time to make some real money. But first, we need to deposit some money at the casino bank.

To successfully apply my roulette strategy, I recommend you to deposit between 100£-150£ into your casino bank account. I assure you that even when you deposit just this rather minimal amount of money, my roulette strategy still works perfectly well. You don't have to worry about any deposited money as you can easily refund all payments back to your real bank account whenever you want. So to get you started making real money, deposit some seed capital now by clicking on the button "CASHIER" -> "Deposit" -> "Credit Cards".

Before you start to make a first deposit, please take into account that the CasinoClub casino is also paying you a Welcome Bonus, which means that they DOUBLE the money which you deposit at the casino bank. Which means that you will be able to start to play with 200% of your original amount of seed capital.

In fact CasinoClub casino currently features a welcome bonus of up to 250£. From my experience as a "bonus hunter" I know: To maximize your profits it makes sense to grab as much of the whole welcome bonus as possible. In order to achieve this, you have to deposit 250£. As you can always transfer any money back to your real bank account, depositing at CasinoClub does not mean any risk for you. CasinoClub is highly reliable and trustworthy, otherwise they would be out of business within days. If your first casino deposit is 250£, you receive 250£ bonus for free (the same as 400£ bonus for free if you deposit 400£, 150£ free bonus if you deposit 150£, and so on...). The higher you first deposit is, the more free money you get as a welcome bonus. Keep in mind that this signup bonus is given for the first payment only, it is kind of a present for new customers. I'd personally make this first payment as big as I could afford (since there is no risk involved), but of course this is up to you...  

To deposit something into your casino bank account CasinoClub offers you the following deposit methods:Credit Card, Bank Wire, Giropay, Moneybookers, ClickandBuy, NETELLER,  Click2Pay, Paysafecard, Cheque and some more. In my opinion the fastest and easiest method to deposit your seed capital is using a credit card. Using a credit card, you won't take any risks at all as the casino payments are managed by "webdollar". Your credit card data stay fully encrypted during the whole process, which means no one will have access to your data at any given time.  I personally prefer the credit card method, but if you do not own a credit card, just go to the CASHIER menu and choose the method that suits you best.


Step 5

Are you already making the big money? Well...

If you profit from my strategy, why not go and invite your friends to try it out? You can send a link to my website to all your friends, so each of them gets the opportunity to profit from all the casino $$$.



Send me an E-Mail to get up-to-date winning tips
and a list of other exploitable online casinos.

Just write to


"Casino Club Casino" still accepts US Players
and IS EXPLOITABLE. So if you are from the USA,
try my strategy at Casino Club Casino now!

Are you the next casino winner? Get the full experience and start your casino career now!

The Professional Strategy For Experienced Gamblers

Perhaps you want to save time!

Now what? You have successfully applied my online roulette stratey and now you want to make even more money in an even shorter amount of time? Well, I can help you with that as well. With the experience you've gained under your belt, it becomes appropriate for you to consider slightly increasing your bets. I did not recommend you to do this when I first explained the strategy to you, mostly due to the fact that a seed capital of 100-150£ might not be enough to place bets higher than 1£ effectively in the long run. Let’s assume that, thanks to your winnings, you now have not just 150£ but around 500£ of seed capital at your disposal. If that is the case, you now start to save time playing at the casino by increasing your initial bet amount. To give you an overview on which amount of seed capital works best with what initial bet size, I have compiled the following list for you:

Starting Capital Amount Of The First Bet
1000£ 10£
etc... etc...

Using these capital/bet combinations, your average hourly winning rates will be rapidly increasing from now on. 




Money For Free:
The Signup Bonus

As you might know, most online casinos provide a large welcome bonus to new players to offer them an incentive to deposit and also give them the chance to freely try out and test all the games coming with the casino software. With most casinos if you are lucky, they provide you with seed capital equals to TWICE the amount of money you initially deposited. I highly recommend you to take advantage of these bonuses as much as possible, as the bonus really is free capital to play with. After you have fulfilled certain wager requirements - which you will quickly do without giving it another thought when you apply my roulette strategy - you can cash out this bonus directly to your bank account.


Free Cash - The CasinoClub Welcome Bonus

250£ Signup Bonus - Act Now!

1st Month Bonus - 100% up to 250£
2nd Month Bonus – 100% up to 50£
3rd-11th Month Bonus – 100% up to 50£



So How Is it Possible That I Always Win?

Yes, I know that it's crazy. You will see what happens first hand when you've played your first spins and you see your money growing by the hour. This is a somewhat strange experience, especially if you have worked hard before to earn as little as 10 or 20 bucks per hour. Even Today, many people still work over 1 hour to earn 10 bucks or less, and from my personal perspective right now, that sounds far more crazy to me. What I'm really saying is, be mentally and emotionally prepared for this experience. Many people unconsciously fear the experience of true success without working themselves to death, simply because they don't want to believe that making money can in fact be that easy.

So why is it really so simple and yet you haven't heared news and business magazines raving of this crazy system before? See: The system existed, it always existed, but whenever you face small table limits, the strategy turns pretty much worthless, as you might sometimes hit the table limit just before achieving your final winning spin. Nowadays, there are in fact very few online casinos which still have and allow these high table limits. To give you a better understanding of what these high table limits translate to, the probability of loosing in the CasinoClub casino (and also in the other casino which I suggested to you) when you are applying my strategy is only 1:15000. Which means, you can play through over 15.000 full spins without losing at any time. You keep winning at least 15.000 times in a row. Awesome, isn't it? So why haven't the media or the casinos caught up on this?

Why are they accepting players who "drive the casino into bankruptcy"? Let me explain: Nowadays, with online gambling becoming more and more popular, casinos can afford to keep players which really cost them money, as they get plenty of cash from the losses of all the untalented or uninformed players. And since online casinos are open 24/7 without the need for their owners to pay rent or any salary to employees, they do fairly well this way. Today there are so many people who are realizing the many advantages of gambling online in contrast to always visiting a "bricks and mortar casino". They really have many advantages if you think about it: Firstly, online casinos have extremely high payout rates of up to 99.5%, as the house edge is extremely small. Online Casinos can afford to do this to attract new players because, as I mentioned before, they don't have to come up with all the money for the staff and the buildings, like "real casinos" have to, before they can generate any profit. You will never find these low house edges at real life casino or lotteries! When you play at the lottery, they usually take away 50% or more of your money as a gambling tax. A third advantage of online casinos is that only online you are allowed to choose your bet size on your own, which allows for very small bets to decrease your risk of losing. And of course it helps that you can play anonymously and comfortably from your own home at any time you want.

Now before we finish this guide letting you begin to play on your own, let me share with you some last thoughts of advice: NEVER play without a good strategy! If you want to make money from online casinos, take my advice, take my strategy and then act upon it! Gambling is like everything else in life. If you don't have a plan and if you don't have a goal, you might possibly lose and be taken advantage of. Instead, follow my advice, read everything carefully, if you need to re-read everything once or twice until it really sinks in and until you're totally sure that you understood all the details... When you're ready, make your first deposit, and remember to mark this day in your calendar as the day when you firstly embarked on your journey to total financial freedom.

I wish you all the best for your roulette and overall life success! I'm sure you'll have as much of a blast to put this strategy into action, and now without further ado: Start to put my strategy to good use and Go Make The Big $$$...

Cheers & All The Best,
Chris Kaas




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Chris, you are really crazy! At first I couldn’t even imagine in my wildest dreams that this would work, but thanks to your roulette strategy I made more than 10.000$ in one month alone. And I’ve just sticked to everything in the guide, applying it exactly the way you described... This is really Insane!

Mike Marshall, Florida

  Today we made more than 1000£, again. Just a few months ago, we never really thought it would work, mainly because of the table limits we were used to. But the limits at CasinoClub are so high, we can gamble for months until we lose the first stake. Thanks for this great tutorial!

Susann and Bernd, London

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blackjack strategy

Frankly speaking, I didn’t believe in your roulette strategy. But after we exchanged some e-mails and you convinced me that your system really works at CasinoClub - thanks to the high table limits - I feel really sorry for not trusting you and I want to apologize for this. Your roulette strategy really works, and those who don’t believe in it, should try it on their own - or not, that leaves more money to take away from the casinos for me!

Ran Show, Ohio


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