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Roulette is a gentleman’s game of chance, so they say. This is why we have seen the likes of James Bond playing roulette in the casinos of Monaco. Can anyone accuse this famous Brit of cheating roulette? Highly unlikely.

 Cheating roulette simply means winning. If you can beat the system with your own secret method, then you have got it made. No one can say that you won because you used unscrupulous means. You just outsmarted the house. 


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Women have started to become a force in the roulette game, and they have begun to emerge victorious at the tables. However, the slight difference is that they prefer playing roulette online. Do they know something we don’t?

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Carol was a mature woman with a husband that was sickly and could not complete a week’s work without getting sick. It severely affected affecting even her work week. She would have to stay home to take care of him. One day when she was at home with not much to do since her husband was quietly resting in the bedroom, Carol went online to just surf the internet.

Carol ended up in a search engine page that was advertising roulette online games. She had always been curious of this game and decided to try it - just for fun.


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Within the hour, she had spent more money than in any other online activity, and she didn’t even buy anything! Stunned at how she had managed to squander away her savings, she decided to hunt down a way of cheating at roulette. She came upon a secret method that made cheating roulette seem so easy.

In the next hour, she had managed to get back what she had spent and come up with a profit of $300! Now, that may not seem a lot to many people, but to Carol, it was vindication.

Sometimes, cheating roulette does not mean winning thousands of $$$ all the time. Yes, that is possible, but to some, it is relative. Carol felt like she won the lotto with her $300 because all she wanted to do was get back what she had spent by cheating roulette. She did exactly that and emerged a winner. She could have gone on to win thousands, but for her, that jackpot could wait another day.


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Playing roulette online is a tremendously entertaining experience. You lose track of time and get so engrossed that it might take a major crisis too pull you away from your computer. Thus, in Carol’s case, she played a wise game, and planned to go back online to start using her secret method when she had more time to really make it work.

Cheating roulette is so easy if you have the right tools. It stops being a gamble because you win $$$ more than you lose.  If you think that because it is called a secret method, it a hard tool to find, don’t. Finding the secret method is as easy as 1-2-3.

Go on, try it, and see how well you get at cheating at roulette.