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An effective way to stay ahead in games of chance one needs to have a useful and proven betting system. In as much that betting system helps players achieve desirable results such as regular winnings, it is however difficult to find or develop one’s own betting system. As this is the case maybe, players seeking ways to take their game to the next level may use available resources online and other tools such as publications and software materials. These way players can have valuable information for study and evaluation. And this may lead to the growth of a betting system.


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Over the years hundreds and hundreds of books and other related materials were published have brought forth different styles and techniques. Some of these techniques have been integrated as part of their betting system. We can presume however that those systems have demonstrated its usefulness; nobody knows for sure if it does.

Meanwhile other players still search for that elusive betting system that will propel those to greater heights as far as their betting patterns are concern. There are those as I’ve observe through the years that some players have established their own betting system from pure simple logic and common sense. And this has taken them to great financial rewards.


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As a player and a keen eyewitness at the casino games of chance I was able from close quarters seen excellent players’ rake in huge amount money over time. Their betting system was not complicated as originally perceived but it was pure magic having proven its worth.

One thing best I like in their style was the absence of complex variation that often make players bewildered and lost in their betting process. I have talked too many of them and compiled some basic principles in the art of gambling. These players have a formidable betting system yet effortless to apply.



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One sure way to keep you ahead of the game is to set a limit on your winnings and losses in a given day. This way the likelihood of prolong casino life is thus increased. Your exposure to big losses is diminished and constant winnings are achievable. What do I mean by that?

Well, you get a small percentage from your playing capital and set it as your target for both winning and losing in a given day. For example if playing capital is $1,000 assign 10% of that as your winning limit. This easy to achieve and furthermore it will only take a few to minutes to an hour to get it done depending on your pace of betting.


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In the event you achieve that goal of $100 you immediately leave thereby you put one over the casino. You go home richer by $100 for that particular day. For those you practice this kind of a betting system will eventual accumulates big earnings over short period of time. Remember just practice and familiarize with yourself on the betting system and money is to follow.