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American Roulette vs. European Roulette - 2 Games To Make Money Online?


In the game of Roulette, you learn to take chances. You experience handling money and how to make it grow. However, what you should also do is try to understand the concepts behind Roulette.

For instance, did you know that there are two versions of Roulette? The original Roulette game started in Europe and so the first version is simply known as the European Roulette. When the Roulette game found its way into American shores, some modifications were made, and it was renamed the American Roulette.

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These two versions, the American Roulette and the European Roulette are similar except for one exception. The American Roulette has an additional double zero slot (00). So, which one is the better version? You know, the key is not really in the version, but in how you play the game and your game attitude!

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Roulette tips worked magic for Chris. He is one guy who hates to lose, so he did all he could to find the best roulette tips before playing roulette online. In his mind, if he was not equipped properly, there was no way he could play roulette online, and make big bucks. And Chris wanted to be considered as a serious roulette player by winning hundred of $$$. Chris decided to try the European Roulette version because whenever he did some research, the European Roulette was the version everyone recommended.

If you consider it, European Roulette has less to stress about. For one, the house odds are not as tilted in their favor as in the American Roulette. Most analytical minds would definitetely prefer the  European Roulette because of this alone, but there is another aspect to why the European Roulette is more preferred. When Chris finally signed on at an online roulette site, he got a little crazy and forgot about the roulette tips he studied and practiced on. He started to play wild. Before he knew it, he had lost almost  $1200! Stunned, he was at a crossroads, would he stop playing roulette, or should he find a solution to his playing. A little confused, Chris wanted to stop right away. His mind was wandering. All the readings he has done on European roulette were gettin jumbels, which is what usually happens when you start to panic.

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If you can understand how it is to be under intense pressure because of a huge loss, then you now what Chris was feeling. Not even his extensive knowledge of European roulette and American roulette could get him back on track. Suddenly gripped with panic, he started to blindly surf the internet for inspiring stories of roulette players who managed to beat the odds. He came upon this strange little ad about a secret roulette method. Curious, he decided to try it. Within the hour, he made $2000! Not only did he get his $1200 back, he made an additional $800!

Victorious, Chris decided to make his own set of roulette tips based on his experience playing roulette online. To Chris, while knowing the American roulette and the European roulette versions came in handy, his success could not be credited to either versions. Contrary to popular opinion that it is partly because of the roulette version you use that will account for bigger chances of winning, the American roulette and the European roulette versions had very little to do with his win. 


While the American roulette is more common in US shores online and land based casinos, the European roulette version can make a very slight difference. It won't make you win more than the American version as a rule, but there is that slight chance. Of course, playing with a secret roulette trick trumps any roulette version. In fact, if you plan to play some games for serious money, then eve the slightest whiff can change your luck. Don’t go in cold. You have to know the game and understand how to bet. Play with demo games before playing roulette with real money

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The chances to earn that much money today is not something you shouold allow to remain a dream. Thank about it, if you have extra funds to play online roulette, then you should try it. If you lose, then you can stop. Of course, I know that you will win. I know because I have done it many times before. Chris’s roulette tips worked miracles for him. He played roulette well, and he learned to have fun in other avenues like bowling and chess. It was a great way to start the year for him, and fortunately for us, we can learn and make a lot of $$$ just learning from his 6 roulette tips. Naturally, you will have to keep your head on right all the time. The minute you allow the fame and popularity to get to your head, you're going to lose focus. Winning is just a spin away, just make sure you have your prioirties right, and your game plan is backed by a wonderful and dependable roulette secret.